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Napoleon Bonaparte and apparitions

Napoleon Bonaparte I. did a lot for the church and was very good politic and genius to support good things and development of areas, where he ruled to  help. During his reign church and areas had great development by his clever governement.

Surely good act for Mary was from other person from the House of Bonaparte and it was that the grotto of Lourdes was opened on the order of Napoleon III. to the public on October 5, 1858, the people began to clean it up.

Rulers, kings, his ancestors also had gifts of healing and apparitions. King David and others, some of them healed people by laying hands or God appeared them in the dream, in apparitions or talked to them, also Henry IV. had the apparition of a Red Man, who I suppose is Christ, as I usually have apparition of Jesus in red robe, sometimes he is as Red Man, sometimes in red robe, sometimes in white robe, sometimes glory of God figure or white one, or as Jesus looks or only red spirit. Also Mary rarely is in red robe, but Jesus is often in Red robe, or appearing as Red Spirit, Red Man and I do not notice always to apparitions the colour of robe or I do not describe it, only when He wants and I want.

Napoleon I. Bonaparte saw and spoke with Red Man as apparition and I suppose i tis apparition of Christ. More about this apparition of the Red Man is written on internet. He also saw shining star, what I suppose is apparition of Mary and consulted this with God as it should be so. Shining star sees some visionars and I see her whole, but sometimes can see only shining star. Also when she is descending from heaven and is far or also sometimes, but I see her whole, but some visionars see shining star. Napoleon had also prophetic dreams and loved to read prophecies. There is a lot of written how he loved to read books with prophecies and before wedding gave the copy to his wife.

In Fatima, Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, was the core that people injured the Lord and so was World War II. and pope should on command of Mary to serve the mass for Russia, to dedicate Russia to God and that will be end of the war and pope did so.

Jesus also as Krishna appears when is on earth a lot of evil and with him other helpers. So he also sends his prophets, misionars or pours Holy Spirit, that there is good this planet and not only evil. Evil is absence of good. I know that God is so strong and so clever as Father that he has to castigate us and that we shall rather honor him and spread his kingdom that no war has to be. There are prophesies of some prophets, let they fullfile, that will be peace in Europe. I know God that when he prophesies in Bible, he does not do it, when someone prays, evil prophesy does not fullfil, when someone repent, evil prophesy does not fullfile. When someone sins, good prophesy is turned. He changes mind. This exist in Bible. Some problems made God, when rulers worshiped to other gods than him, when they worshiped to demons, he caused evil, put them from throne or their children. Of this system is full Bible. God wants from us the peace, he wants from us keeping of Bible, because the sin physicaly and psychicaly desctructs our life, brain, whole society. People shall not be so evil and not spreading of gospel and giving honour to the Lord that He has to make or allow the war. Let we understand that He is the Father and He is sensitive and good mannered God, He is the Creator of the Life and He is not its destructor, but we shall not behave to God with no respect, no fear. It is written that the beginning of wisdom if the fear of the Lord. So let we understand Him as living Father. God which exist and has all in hands. He castigates us as Father castigates the Son, whom He loves. Therefore let us be good, respecting, giving honour to God, Our Creator. Let us love Him, let us respect Him, let us give Him enough of honour by our life, acts and speech. Let He is not angry, let He is happy, let He has not act with as as policemen acts with criminals. He feels in our presence good. Let us know what He wrote in the Scripture and what He commanded us and let He feels good with us.

I am very happy, when is peace. And Napoleon knew this and appeared me and told me sentence, which showed on his wars as I should not think about it, such meaning it has for me, I should not judge it. I found in Bible verse, that the sword of Jesus is joined on heaven and full of blood and fat, not only that he is against wars and Mary is Queen of the peace and Jesus is Prince of the peace. To give hand to the peace in the world can everyone from us by doing good, doing peaceful and lovely work and avoding of the sin such, which desctruct our genetics, our mind, our brain, as alcohol, drugs, sins, sexual immorality, which physicaly and psychicaly destructs life. I am great lover of the peace, just being from Napoleon and he said me sentence, he knows what I think, but I shall not judge just his wars. I also do not like to be interested in wars, I like nice things and give them time to be good. I also saw aristocrats, who are educated to make war and I was terrified from them such, I surely shall write about Napoleon and me as his peaceful descendant to represent aristocrat, who is the peacemaker. God said me that there are several kinds of them, mixted and evil also, not only good ones.

I was suprised, he was clever and said sentence as pictogram for resolving, something like that we shall not judge his wars and that they are not from satan that he was saved. He was for me something like David. Napoleon was elect one that God knows to give on the throne or put from it everyone, when He wants. That He is powerful and works in miracles with rulers.

Here is final message and that one sentence about not judging of his wars for me and not taking care as good clever thing and that he knows me, I will not publish. And this blog is for them, who also as I have to make balance with Napoleonic wars and who are great peacemakers as I am. And here is message of Napoleon near my Marian apparitions:

„Dear children, and my French nation,
believe that the Lord loves his children and me and threfore I am in heaven. Therefore I am here and I believe in God and Lord Jesus Christ, I, Napoleon Bonaparte! Believe that the Lord led me to his heaven, and there is beautifully! I love you! I immerse you into the light of my message and to the love that flows from me.“
(Napoleon to Eva, 07/28/2012, 21:47)

Surely you enjoy from this lovely message, near Marian apparitions to me, Eva Bartosova, descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte (through children of Napoleon, who hid, when Napoleon was on Elba) and Prince Rupert, and other whole European Roalty, visionary to Our Lady, Jesus Christ and saints.